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Some of my favorite female thespians

  • One of my favorite actresses is Courtney Thorne-Smith from "Revenge of the Nerds II". Okay, it's mostly because she's darned nice to look at.
  • In the same vein is Wendy Benson. She's not an outstanding actress, but she's good, and she's easy on the eyes as well.
  • I also like Nicole deBoer, the most beautiful Trill ever.
  • Oh, and Stacey Williams is positively yummy. Shapely, statuesque and beautiful.
  • A severely underrated beauty is Melinda Culea of Brotherly Love and The A-Team.
  • No list of classic beauty would be complete without Dame Diana Rigg. Emma Peel was a classic!
  • Rosalind Allen was a real beauty, too. Talented as well.
  • I also wanted to add a male actor of note, the late Frank Gorshin. What a guy.

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