A few words about Michelle Nicastro

Singer.  Actress.  Performer.  Michelle Nicastro is one of my favorite performers, and not just because of her radiant good looks.  Heck, I was a fan before I ever knew what she looked like, and her CDs alone are enough to keep me entranced.


The images shown here are from her appearance on an episode of "Who's the Boss?"  I included them for commentary purposes, under the "fair use" provisions of copyright law.  I'll get around to the commentary soon enough, so sit tight.

I first heard her perform on the classic "Unsung Musicals" CD that was released on the Varese Saraband label several years go.  If you ever have a chance to buy this gem, please do so.   You won't regret it.  I just had to learn more bout her, and one kind soul told me that she had an upcoming CD of children's tunes called "Toonful."  I got the CD as soon as I found one, and I don't regret it.

Michelle has performed in many arenas--on stage, on CDs, as a voice actor (most notably, in the "Swan Princess" series), and in a movie or two.  She has also guest-starred on a good number of sitcoms, probably due to her classic feminine looks.  In the images shown, she played a romantic foil for Tony Micelli, in a classic sitcom entanglement.  (The story kinda stretched plausibility for me, but I digress... and besides, what should one expect from a sitcom?)

I remember her one performance on the "Wings" sitcom as well, in which she became the object of romantic desire for Tony Shalhoub's character.  (What is it with her and Tonys anyway?)  I suspect that she tends to be cast rather easily as the sitcom guest-star who quickly captures a man's fancy. 


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