Even more on Michelle Nicastro

Michelle Nicastro also appeared in an early episode of Full House -- and before you start giving me grief, let me emphasize that I don't watch that show.  It was mostly harmless fluff that was occasionally amusing, and often rather stupid.  I am by no means a fan.

I did rent one of the Full House DVDs from Netflix, just to satisfy my curiosity.  I was able to grab a few images as well, and here are some representative pics.



Predictably, she played a love interest to John Stamos's character, Jesse.  Yeah, right. Like this would surprise anyone.  Of course, they would pair the good-looking women up with the resident heartthrob. 

Yep, no surprises there.  Not a whole lot of comedy either, although as usual, she did well in her role.

And yes, she was pretty.

Too bad this wasn't a singing role, though.  I would have so loved to hear her sing.  I felt the same way when she played a comely young lass on an episode of Wings (which was pretty funny, IMO).

I really wish she would do some animation voice-overs for Disney, and preferably perform some Broadway-style numbers.  That'd be great.


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