Michelle Nicastro on Charles in Charge

Okay, I know this page is about Michelle, but I just have to comment on the cast again. I liked the character interactions of their cast in the first season, and I was so disappointed when they revamped the cast the following year. I especially liked seeing how the children interacted with each other, as I mentioned earlier.



By the way, do you know how people enthused over Nicole Eggert's beauty during the remainder of the show's run? I thought she was pretty, but she didn't do much for me. A friend of mine (a fellow teen) was enchanted by Jennifer Runyon, who played Charles' girlfriend Gwendolyn Pierce during season one.

Personally though, I liked April Lerman, who played the young girl of the family. She had a cute, wholesome prettiness about her— not like your typical Hollywood bombshell, but definitely attractive. Too bad we haven't seen much of her in more recent times.


Anyway, as I said, this episode was reasonably entertaining. I hope I'm not embarassing myself, but based purely on my memories, I think it's an underrated family gem. There was some questionable sexual content, alluded to by the two male leads, but on the whole it was pretty good.

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